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Specimen paper for ICMR-JRF Now you need to draw something that you would see standing inside the pencil box with the help of the lid of the box open. Answer-25 Make an interesting three dimensional stable composition using 3 bottles, 2 balls and 1 lampshade in the given space provided. lots of bullocks, buffalos, bullock carts & its spare parts, tea and snack stalls on hand carts....crowd of sellers, customers and visitors........what u see from the window sitting inside the bus.... 2) Redesign a logo for a mobile company filling it with colours of your choice so that all generations of people are attracted towards it 3) u r seeing your grandfather's desk where there are three broad books, a pair of specs, a glass of drinking water, a table clock. Write your Roll Number clearly in the designated space on the answer sheet and on the question paper. 2. The enclosed paper contains 2 Sections. Section I A has 50 questions and is compulsory for all candidates with each question carrying 1 mark. Sections II and III pertain to Life Sciences B and Social Sciences C.

<i>NATA</i> <i>Sample</i> <i>Papers</i> <i>with</i> Solutions & other parers in

NATA Sample Papers with Solutions & other parers in 9800 Three number are in the ratio of 3: 4: 5 and their least common factor are 2400. draw the logo of a shoe company using circles and triangles only 3. Image result for nata previous question papers 2016. See More. aptoninn drawing question - Google Search ยท Perspective DrawingSample PaperQuestion PaperChennaiArt Work.

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Aptoinn Nata Sample Model Question Paper - 8 Find out the greatest number of all four digits which is at least divisible by 15, 25, 40 and 75 is A. Imagine that you are sitting in a merry go round.can see some food stalls..giant wheel etc.the view 2. Aptoinn Nata Sample Model Question Paper - Aesthetic Sensitivity Test- Nata Coaching Centre in Chennai - Download as PDF File.pdf, Text File.txt or read online. Analogy Find out the relationship between the first and second problem figures and then select one figure from the five answer figures on the right which.

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NATA Papers Free Download Previous Years Question Tell me the procedure of do download the PDF File of sample papers with answer of National aptitude test of architecture because I do participate in this test exam so for do its prepation I have need of its sample papers so ask you for do download its PDF file from net You will be pleased to know the sample papers of National aptitude test of architecture are already uploaded on our site so I am providing you the link from where you can download them per your demand, Here I am sharing the NATA Question paper with you NATA Question paper: Imagine that your size has been reduced significantly and you are standing in a pencil box that has three pencils, one sharpener, and one compass, one piece of paper and one eraser and one fountain pen. the other three sides of the hall is occupied by audience with the quiz master standing in the middle of one side, you are siting on 2 top row of a side...sketch what you see 2) logo for a TV channel 3)using atleast 4 cylinders show a tall building. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) u r going on a trip in a bus and sitting on the window seat. there is an open air cattle market going on in the village. you are enjoying your cold drink and d mall is open roof. Please send me lst 5 years solved nata question papers including modal paper. 273. iia aptitude test On April 20th, 2012. i need questtion papers of previous iia aptitude tests and also need their valuated answer score distribution. 272. priya On April 16th, 2012. Is there free model question paper for nata exam.

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Nata sample papers with answers GO Logos Pinterest Answer 25 Six bells commence tolling together and toll at regular intervals of 2, 4, 6, 8 10 and 12 seconds. draw a logo for them so that it attracts customers of all age groups....color it appropriately.... 2)make an interestin 2d composition with 5 playing cards using three colors only! make a dimension stable arrangement and show the effect of light -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. It's a normal window with a wooden panel & horizontal bars (grills).can see a playground with play equipment & some children playing...beyond that..there is a small building & a hospital after that... logo for motor cycle manufacturing company using circles,rectangles,squares 3. You have 4 pencils , 4 sharpners, 5 erasers , a pencil holder and some wires.......make a 3-d composition, of an object made of these which can be used to enhance the beauty of children's room ceiling. 3)create a 3d composition using an empty bowl,a spoon,two forks,a glass of water and a napkin! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) u r a very naughty boy of 5 yrs of age and your mum kept u on the top of the almari an draw the view of the room u see.... This Pin was discovered by Sneha Mathews. Discover and save! your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Nata drawing questions with solutions using 4 parts of a luggage draw a compo ..light is falling from the left side..shade it ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) there is a inter school quiz competetion going on in an historical school assembly hall. Draw a stable structure..showing the effect of light & also draw the shades & shadows... Nata drawing questions with solutions pdf - Google Search.

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